Cell Groups

Cell Groups

We encourage every church member to join a cell group. This isn’t a prison cell – this is a living and healthy cell of the church! The idea is that our cells are small home groups living and influencing our community.

Cell is all about being part of a group that cares and supports for DSC02740each other while trying to put the essence of being a Christian in the 21st century into our everyday lives. Working to discover what God’s purpose is for us as individuals and then trying to live it out.

Many of us have come along to church for years but have never had the chance to meet with other Christians and discuss doubts, fears and joys outside of church.

You can join a cell group whether you are an experienced Christian or an interested enquirer. You will be made welcome and it won’t take you long before you’ll feel part of the family.

Cell groups are always open to new members, most meet on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday evenings, and there are  two daytime cells as well. If you are interested or would just like to know more then contact us