Open Doors

In 2019, we voted as a Parish for four Mission Partners. Every two years we choose two new Mission Partners to support (and continue to support the remaining two).

We aim to support our Mission Partners through prayer, financial support, and building personal contacts. A percentage of our parish income goes annually to all 4 partners, plus everything raised through our special Lent and Christmas. In 2020, this amounted to £1,000 for each Partner.

Following a vote at our APCM on 28th March, Open Doors and Counselling4Yeovil joined Christians Against Poverty and the Lord’s Larder as our new Mission Partners.

Open Doors

Open Doors originated in 1955, when a young Dutchman started smuggling Bibles to the persecuted church in Communist Europe. He became known as Brother Andrew, and his work led to more than six decades of support for the persecuted church.

Persecuted Indian Christians receive Open Doors aid.
Maria’s Prayer for the Covid-19 Crisis
Chetima in Cameroon prays for Christians facing Covid-19