The Lord’s Larder

In 2019, we voted as a Parish for four Mission Partners. Every two years we choose two new Mission Partners to support (and continue to support the remaining two).

We aim to support our Mission Partners through prayer, financial support, and building personal contacts. A percentage of our parish income goes annually to all 4 partners, plus everything raised through our special Lent and Christmas. In 2020, this amounted to £1,000 for each Partner.

The Lord’s Larder

The Lord’s Larder Food Bank is a local ‘bank’ of non-perishable in life ambient food operated by volunteers from churches in and around Yeovil.

It began in a small way in 1991 when a representative of Yeovil Citizens’ Advice Bureau spoke about the need for emergency food to  members of one of the churches in Yeovil. It is now supplied by over 60 local churches, 45 schools and several community groups.

Last year in 2020, over 144,000 items of food were given out via 70 different agencies to help 8,200 local people, (4,670 adults and 3,530 children.)

How the Larder Works

  • Food and money are donated throughout the year by local churches, businesses, schools and other charities.
  • Volunteers sort, & store all donations of food in a purpose built larder.
  • Requests for food are made by phone through recognized agencies, who then collect parcels to hand on to their clients.
  • Emergency food parcels are made up by the volunteers, according to need.

Lord’s Larder update 31st January 2022

During December, we were able to give out 339 food parcels
to help 939 people, that breaks down as 485 adults and 454 children,
making a total number of 191 families who received a Lord’s Larder
Food Parcel.
This Christmas, another 300 special Christmas Food Parcels were also
sent out from the Lord’s Larder to help 459 adults
and 396 children.
We are currently running low on these following items:
Tins of Beans and Sausages, Tins of Macaroni Cheese,
Tins of Ravioli, Tinned Sweet Corn, Tins of Tomatoes,
Tins of Carrots and Empty Carrier Bags.

Thank you for giving to the Lord’s Larder, your support
is much appreciated.
Updated on 31st January.

NB Donations can also be placed in the trolley in the corridor at St James’ to be taken to the Gateway by our kind volunteers.