St. James’ 2020 Vision

Wholehearted Church

Since 2010, we have been spending time in prayer and discussion to discern the kind of church God wants us to be. The resulting ‘2020 Vision’ is at the heart of who we are and what we are becoming as a church

A Wholehearted Church: God deserves our very best. He has given us His best in Jesus, so our right response to him is to be wholehearted in worship, service, generosity, and love.

Encountering God: this is where it all starts – all our Christian crossofcandlesliving is in response to God. We want to encounter God in worship, in the Bible, in prayer, in daily life, in Sunday worship and in midweek cell groups. At the heart of everything else is a deeper and richer encounter with God.

Growing Disciples: Jesus calls us to ‘follow me’, to become his disciples. So we are learning what it means to follow Jesus, and want to grow closer to him, and more like him. This means growing in character (love, joy, holiness, wisdom, hospitality etc) and growing in confidence in using our God-given gifts and sharing our faith.

Living the Gospel: Christianity is a 24/7 lifestyle, so we aim to discover what it means to follow Jesus in our daily places of work, rest, play, retirement, parenting, volunteering, and everywhere else. We aim to equip church members to apply their faith to daily living, and to confidently live for Christ in their daily settings.

Gathering Community: we are here to bless and serve the 521371_4156980368643_2077675024_ncommunity, and can be a catalyst for bringing others together. Recently, this has involved the launch of a new Community Choir, and hosting community Big Lunch celebrations for the Jubilee. As a church we want to be welcoming and hospitable to all ages, to be a source of love and support for church members, and for the wider community.

All this is a work in progress, but we believe it is a picture God has given us of how He wants St. James to be.