St James’ Gift Day

On Sunday 26th July – St James’ Day – we are holding a special Gift Day. St James’ will be open from 2-4 p.m. on that day (2-2.30 for those shielding and 2.30-4 for everyone else) with drinks served in the churchyard (weather permitting).

The Gift Day leaflet below is being hand delivered to every St James household we have an address for. You’ll see it has plenty of blank space on page 4, that’s so you can write your own response to ‘what St James means to me’ and ‘my prayer for St James and bring it to the church on July 26th. If you’d rather post it, please do, or someone could collect it from your house if you let us know.

There are 2 videos below which explain the Gift Day – Giving Thanks and Giving Gifts please do watch both if you can.